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Work At Home Mall....

Wahmall.co.uk is owned by Sunrise Lovatt a work at home mom with eleven children. It is a shopping mall for work at home mums who make items to sell, for example Jewellery, cloth nappies, baby goods, crafts and much more. Wahmall is a cost effective way to market and sell these products; as long as they have been made at home, handmade or are items that can be used by wahms to make their own products.

 "I am work from home mom who felt that there was a need for a friendly supportive market place where people can sell their wonderful handmade products. Instock shops are for sellers who already have the product 'instock' they may be a one off or custom design, or a quantity, the idea being that customers can see exactly what they are buying and can buy it now! These shops are not intended for party plan or catalogue style where the customer has to wait while the shop keeper orders it in. Please email if you'd like to clarify or would like more detail. I am always happy to answer questions about wahmall instock shops."

PRICES for shops.

The cost of instock shops are £8.00 per month. This includes; the "Trader Plus" shops by Sunmaia;

* 4 modules for delivery settings, you can set the correct charges for the products etc.

* Catergories, products *and* options. (eg small, medium, large) Products can appear in more than one category and you can set the order they display in!

* Discounts/discount codes. You can choose Choose % discount (eg 20%), value discount (eg £5 off) or free delivery
Setting the minimum order value to qualify for the discount - 0 will apply to all orders, 20 means they must spend £20 before qualifying etc etc

* Vistor count/site stats

* Check all orders, and print off the label with the details, plus invoices and despatch note. - all in! PLUS more........
You can personalise your shop with your logo. The package also includes a link from the front page to your shop.
  If you are looking for a short term shop eg. for Christmas or to sell off stock for less than three months, there is a set up charge of £10.00.

Payment details

Payment is accepted by standing order at HSBC, or Paypal but please add on all fees that are incurred by online facilities, (that are the rate on the day) for paypal.

Shop invoices are sent out by email at the beginning of every month and should be paid for within seven days of receipt of the invoice.

to recap~

1 - To open a shop, choose your shop name and let us know so that we can create the URL (domain name) for you.

2 - Choose your colours for background and text, send a banner or logo for the shop if you have one.

3 -You will receive the login details for your own control panel so that you can access your own site and upload images of your products.

The shops cost £8.00 per month for the basic package. There is no minimum time at all you don't have to sign up for 12 months, just a month at a time if you prefer, pay as you go. Although If you are looking for a short term shop for Christmas or to sell off stock for less than three months, there is a set up charge of £10.00. If it doesn't work out for you then there's no hassle in closing AND if you get so big we do normal shops too. You have your own control panel and you can upload images of goods that you are selling.

When a customer places an order you will receive a comfirmation email with an order number and all the customers details, cost etc... You can choose how they pay you, this can be paypal, cheque or postal order. OR all of them...
There are links on the main page and also on the FULL directory. So there is nothing else to pay - just the £8.00. Unless you want any upgrades, additional pages or snazzy work :-)

You can sell whatever you want within reason, and in keeping with the theme of wahmall. eg family/children/mom/dad/home etc.... Wahmall UK shops are predominantly for WAHMs who make their own items, or create them in some way, or are a small wahm biz working from home.

Not a wahm?

If you are looking for an online shop and you are not a wahm, please email as we design many other shops, you can still have a link from wahmall. Any specific questions please ask. customersupport@wahmall.co.uk

This pricing structure is for wahms and small businesses only. For large business or companies please email or phone for information.


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